Blizzard of 77 - $20.00

Stephen L. Wood

Chronicles the human response to the disastrous Great Plains Blizzard of mid-March 1977. The forty two actual survival stories. Dramatic livestock losses of over 100,000 thousand head. Human deaths resulted from the storm and the stories of their discovery by rescue workers makes moving reading. 

Volume II - $34.50

Volume III - $30.00

Those Were The Days...the true stories of Phillips County residents and their families.  When hardy farmers heard of the Homestead lands. When honest young men, women and children south another chance to provide for those they loved. When fertile soil provided sod for new homes, grass for cattle and horses, a seed bed for grain, and food for the table.  When the steadfast residents established spiritual, educational and recreational opportunities for the enrichment of the growing population. The life blood that developed Phillips County, making it a wonderful place to live.  Enjoy these stories.

Volume III also contains the stories from the original Volume I.

Life in the Sand Hills of Northeastern Colorado During the Dust Bowl

and Great Depression - $17.20

Dick Waln

Holyoke, Colorado local history with memories of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression.

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Haxtun and the High Plains - $19.99

Jean Gray

Very little has been written about the "real" northeastern plains of Colorado, the small communities that dot its open, sky-filled, mountainless landscape.  Haxtun began as two separate homesteads, "proved up" by Alice Strohm and Kate (Fletcher) Edwards, who sold their land to the Lincoln Land Company in 1887, which led to the founding of the town.  The area was generally viewed as useless land in those early days, but was promoted as being full of opportunity-neglecting mention of of a proclivity toward drought, hailstorms and blizzards and the gamble of the land.  The High Plains survived, though.  Its settlers, proving to be hardy and industrious, faced the challenges head on.  Today, Haxtun is filled with the descendants of those early settlers, people with a strong sense of community and pride in their little High Plains towns.

Belle:  A Scottish Lass A Colorado Pioneer - $15.00

Alice Taylor Bamford

The author's account of her mother's life in rural Colorado.

Holyoke, Colorado

Building Our Dream In Remote Colorado - $23.95

Stephen L. Wood

In 1971, after buying their acreage in a very remote area of the Colorado Mountains, the Wood family began to develop their dream ranch. The history and wild life of the area provides a fascinating backdrop for their story of adventure and discovery in the wilderness. The property was located in the middle of a cow pasture with only marginal access and the closest electrical lines were over twelve miles away. With no means of communication and the closest town twenty-two miles away, the family had their work cut out for them. After surviving a devastating blizzard, they understood the importance of understanding survival techniques. Their crazy but true experiences are recounted with frankness and humor. Through perseverance and good old-fashioned hard work, he and his family built their dream ranch in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

Working the Land - $20.00

Fran Cirbo

An interesting and informative account of life on the Plains of Eastern of Colorado. Life for dry-land homesteaders on the Eastern Plains of Colorado, particularly during the Depression Years, required courage, perseverance, and know-how.  Frances Cirbo was raised among them.  Her very detailed memoirs of their culture, tools and strategies that helped them prosper there, in spite of an often contrary Mother, is a phenomenon.