Holyoke, Colorado

Ah, the county fair!  The exhibits, the parade, the laughter and fun!  I'm venturing to say that almost everyone has a fond memory of the county fair.    We'd like you to submit your memories and we'll share them on this page until September 10th.  To get the ball rolling I'll share the first one.  My first year as Extension Office Administrative Support I had no clue the Commissioners' Cookie tray was supposed to actually go to the County Administration Office.  Well, the trays sat in my office after exhibits were released and the nature of this place is to have lots of various personnel trucking through here.  Needless to say, the winning tray did not stay intact.  Several days after fair the County Administration Office called and wanted to know where the tray of cookies was.  Ooops!  To cover our tracks the ladies in the office scrambled together a tray with the remaining cookies from the other trays and took that over.  Crisis averted!  Every year since one of our fair volunteers reminds me of that little faux paux and every year we make sure the cookies make it to their rightful destination after fair.  Share your fair memories with us!  Below is the submission form.