Holyoke, Colorado

School's Out for Summer!

"No more pencils

No more books

No more teachers'

Dirty looks!"

Ah yes!  School is out for the summer.  Let the fun in the sun begin!

Summer in the 70's was cool.  So, just what made it so cool?    Here's a few of summer fun things kids did.  How many do you remember doing?

Riding bikes and skateboards - We climbed aboard our bikes with the banana seats and sissy bars (more commonly known as Wheelie Bikes) and often times pulled our friends behind us on their skateboards. We ruled in our striped, knee-high, tube socks and cut off demins.

Who needed a swimming pool?  The lawn sprinkler was the best way to cool of.  When we added Slip and Slides it got even better.  But you had to be careful not to break your neck.

We'd put Sun-In on our hair, go out and bake in the sun (now we know how bad that was.....) and hoped that our hair would turn blonde instead of orange - moms really hated the orange hair.

We lounged around on those reclining aluminum webbed lawn chairs - that you made sure put under a shade tree or umbrella because sweating on them was not pleasant.

We spent hours playing badminton, lawn darts and throwing Frisbees.

We caught frogs, tadpoles and fire flies and stayed outside until it was dark.

And yet, with all that fun we had, it seemed like most of the time we got bored enough to be ready to go back to school.....Go figure....