Holyoke, Colorado

Historical Society Welcomes You!

Board Members

President, Peggy Davis - 854-3277

Vice President, Hilda Hassler - 854-3311

Treasurer, Carol Haynes - 854-3494

Secretary, Carrie Anderson - 854-2751

Charley Triplette - 854-3256

Tom Edwards - 774-7310

Garold Roberts - 854-4200

Carol Fleshman - 720-335-2993

Jim McBee - 466-9048

Caryl Harvey - 854-2665


We encourage you to become a member of the Phillips County Historical Society Board.  Serving on the board does not require a lot of your time, but does require your commitment to fostering the preservation of the history of Phillips County.  Please call any of the board members and chat with us about serving on the Board.  Or email us at  pcmuseum@pctelcom.coop  and let us know if you're interesting in joining.  We meet the 1st Monday of each month.

Museums ensure understanding and appreciation for people, art, culture and history. They promote better understanding of heritage and foster dialogue, curiosity and self-reflection . Furthermore, they serve to help future generations comprehend their history and recognize the achievements of those who came before them.

Yes, indeed! Museums are both necessary and relevant today. They are the institutions charged with conserving, protecting and displaying artifacts from our past and thus preserving our rich heritage which might otherwise be lost to private collectors or to time itself. Quite simply, without museums we would most certainly lose the tangible links to our past.